Thursday, February 09, 2006

Walk The Line

cast: jaoquin phoenix, reese witherspoon, ginnifer goodwin, robert patrick

we all know that popular celebrities, whether in the music industry, the movies, sports or even politics live “colorful” and controversial lives. we hear about robert downey, jr. and scott weiland going in and out of rehabilitation centers. we watch sex tapes of pamela anderson and paris hilton on the internet. we learn that barry bonds takes steroids, sammy sosa uses a corked bat, and jason kidd hits his wife. and how about former u.s. president bill clinton and his sex orgies with monica lewinsky. the list is endless.

because of the shenanigans if these high-profile and highly influential icons, the life of rock n’ roll star johnny cash – the basis for the movie “walk the line” – seems lame by comparison. i was expecting more controversy. after all, they’ve made a movie about him. on the other hand, there are no movies about the lives of robert downey, jr., scott weiland, pamela anderson, paris hilton, barry bonds, sammy sosa, jason kidd or bill clinton. at least not yet. maybe you have to die first before hollywood makes one. but “aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?” (what’s the grass for if the horse is dead?)

still, “walk the line” was a good enough movie even if i had different expectations. reese witherspoon’s southern drawl was so erotically arousing and that’s saying a lot considering she doesn’t look good. in fact she looks far inferior to ginnifer goodwin (who plays johnny cash’s first wife) they should have exchanged roles if only to see ginnifer’s pretty face more often.

joaquin phoenix singing johnny cash songs gave me goosebumps i was ready to give his performance the best lip-synching job of all time. but he was robbed of this distinction during the credits at the end of the movie when i get informed that jaoquin was actually the one doing the singing and there never was any lip-synching. (and i thought only ewan mcgregor could act and sing at the same time and make it look good.)

i only wish the movie was made a few years earlier so mr. cash would still be alive to watch it. it would have made him feel proud and honored.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
a movie about sex, drugs and more importantly, rock n’ roll!

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