Sunday, February 12, 2006

Singles - New Order

it took me about a quarter of a century before owning a new order album – whether in vinyl, tape or cd format. and i can’t make any valid excuses. i was in primary school when the band released its first single called “ceremony” in 1981, a cover of a joy division original. i was a teenager by the time their first major philippine hit “bizarre love triangle” graced the local airwaves in 1986.

so what took me so long? i guess it’s because people (myself included) have the tendency to overlook greatness until it’s (almost) too late. william shakespeare’s works were only appreciated decades after his death and that’s why he had to work hard as a playwright and actor all his life just to survive. now, his works are subjects in countless books, songs and movies. vincent van gogh couldn’t sell his paintings when he was alive and that’s why he was so poor, miserable and depressed he resorted to mutilating himself. now, his paintings are priceless. there was a time when women were considered inferior citizens that were not fit to vote. they were considered, at best, material possessions whose primary purpose was to breed children and provide sexual satisfaction for men. now, it would appear that they are better leaders and more worthy to be considered human beings.

and so it is with me when i almost passed through this world without purchasing a new order cd. sure, i can listen to new order songs on the radio during the few times they get played. but that is not the proper way to appreciate an artist. to me, to get an artist’s groove, i have to listen to at least 45 minutes worth of their songs. i don’t believe it’s fair to listen only to the artist’s biggest hits. the not so popular songs should be listened to as well.

“singles”, i’m happy to say, is a double cd featuring 31 of new order’s released (you guessed it) singles and can be bought at the price of 1 cd! my favorites (as of the moment) are “temptation”, “confusion”, “bizarre love triangle”, “1963”, and “krafty”. “love vigilantes” is noticeably missing from this compilation.

rating: 4 of 5 stars * * * *
new wave brings back lots of good memories.

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rob said...

Darn, I bought 'Best of New Order' last year. Looks like I should have waited for this one as it has more of their hits. Singles is a must-buy for every new wave collector.