Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kitchie Nadal (self-titled)

it’s amazing how 1 song can make an impact in one’s life. although i’m a fan of former mojofly frontwoman kitchie nadal, i’m not that big of a fan to warrant buying her cd – even if cds by local artists are cheaper compared to those by foreign artists. but after hearing her heartrending and poignant version of the eraserheads’ ‘ligaya’ on the radio, the remake just blew me away and i was moved and compelled to buy her cd.

ironically, ‘ligaya’ is not even part of her self-titled cd. (this song, however, can be found in the ‘ultramagnetic jam’ cd which features different local artists doing covers of their favorite eraserheads songs.) although i knew beforehand that ‘ligaya’ was not part of the cd’s line-up of songs, i felt i owed it to myself to listen to a very talented singer.

included on the cd is kitchie’s biggest hit “wag na wag mong sasabihin” (don’t you ever say). despite its massive airplay on the radio and music channels, it wasn’t until i read the lyrics on the album sleeve did i fully understand the song. it basically tells about a lover who’s denying his love for a girl who also loves him because he feels she deserves someone better.

another song that stands out is her cover of orient pearl’s ‘pagsubok’. it stands out not because it’s a great song per se. rather it’s because the original was so horrible and blatantly pathetic, and kitchie had the creativity to make it sound good.

other hits from the cd include ‘same ground’, ‘run’, and ‘bulong!!!’

aside from possessing a pretty face which accentuates her pretty voice, i also learned through the credits in the cd that she goes (or went) to dlsu. definitely 1 of those rare moments when green-blooded people (like this writer) feel proud of their very shameful and tainted heritage.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
is it fair to be both pretty and talented?


rob said...

Any samples available online?

roehl said...

rob, i've uploaded 2 kitchie nadal songs at my multiply webpage: http://thedarktower.multiply.com/music i uploaded them separately cause my bandwidth cant seem to handle multiple uploads. tell me which song you like better.

rob said...

OK, 'Ligaya' sounds like the better song. Sometimes the mood can make the song and my guess is being in the love/angst/senti feeling helps in appreciating the song. I'm also betting that part of the appeal is seeing Kitchie Nadal perform live as I have heard a lot of good things about her from Mr. 3 & co. Give me a few more listens to the songs.

rmacapobre said...

ligaya was originally sang by the eraserheads. and kitchie nadals version seem electronisized ...still, its cool isn't it

rob said...

Honestly, the synthesized voice in Ligaya bothers me a bit. It probably makes the song sound better, but I appreciate 'pure' vocals without effects more.