Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good To Great - Jim Collins

this is a must-read book for ceo’s and ceo wannabes like myself.

among the many topics covered in this book is level 5 leadership. an interesting trait of this type of leader is how he shields the people of his company from bad media coverage. if the company performs well, he attributes it to the employees; if it performs poorly, he blames himself, but will discuss privately with his employees what went wrong so as to make the proper adjustments. can’t think of a level 5 leader? try envisioning alaska coach tim cone and his relationship with his players.

another key topic from the book is the importance of getting the right people. even if the company has no clearly defined goals to work with, getting the right people will eventually lead to the right goals. it’s also important to get rid of the wrong people as they will only cause havoc.

and then there’s the advice of confronting the brutal facts yet never losing faith. confronting the brutal facts means not fooling yourself about your dire situation and not relying on mere bravado to solve problems. never losing faith means persevering no matter how difficult the obstacles.

there’s also the hedgehog concept which preaches that if you want to become a great (and not just a good) company, you must put all your efforts only on things that give you a fighting chance to be #1. otherwise, either switch to another field of expertise or risk settling for mediocrity.

lots of things can be learned from this book but those mentioned above are my personal favorites as they can also be used for managing one’s life. “level 5 leadership” tells us we can be both tough and humble at the same time. “getting the right people” means choosing our friends carefully and wisely. “confronting the brutal facts yet never losing faith” is another way of expressing casey kasem’s favorite adage, “put your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.” “the hedgehog concept” tells us to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses , and focusing our energies on the former.

i know this is a management/business book but i consider it as an effective self-help/psychology/inspirational book as well. it has deservedly spent more than 200 weeks in the usa today bestseller list.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
a modern day bible for effective management and living.


rob said...

This is on my backlog list. I got a free copy from the library, strangely enough they were just giving it away. Good to know that this isn't just a book on corporate tactics, but also on life. Will read it.

roehl said...

another topic in the book is how there should be a higher motivation other than making money. that's probably why they're giving out the books for free. it has already earned a lot. it's time for its more important purpose: educating people.