Sunday, January 15, 2006

McDonalds Twister Fries

it has been said that a child’s desires best represent the true attributes of what a happy person should be. it’s also a well known fact that children love french fries.

i, for one, though getting advanced in age still consider myself a child at heart. that being said, i find the mcdonalds twister fries a big letdown.

probably the only thing that will attract kids to eat the twister fries is its irregularly fun shape and its full brown pastel-like color. but the twister fries is not a toy. it’s something you put in your mouth, chew, taste and swallow. so even if a kid gets attracted to the twister fries’ enchanting physical features at first glance, he will eventually (and instinctively) use his natural “emperor’s new clothes mentality” and realize that it just doesn’t taste good.

rating: 1 of 5 stars *
not for kids; may be used instead for garnish in fine-dining.


rmacapobre said...

having been away from very large cities like manila for awhile i was spared of fastfoods. almost entirely. i try to keep off it if i can. im not trying to be preachy since im the one to talk hehehe im fat ...

fast foods are a direct reason why america is having a huge (no pun intended) problem right now with weight and related diseases.

rob said...

Agree 100%. I hate twister fries!