Tuesday, December 27, 2005


i'm currently typing in writely.com and i'm curious as to how the text and the accompanying image would appear in dangerous thinkers or dangerous reviewers. hopefully, it looks as good as how i see it in the writely editor. the babe in the picture by the way is supermodel amy wesson. i can't seem to make the pic right justified as i was aiming to write the text on the left of the pic so i'm just going to write the text above the pic. besides, this is just a trial. i hope to have a better post later on as i get more familiar with writely. in the meantime, enjoy the pic. let's hope it gets posted properly. lots of "hope" words/variants in this article by the way in case you haven't noticed. now let me try the spell checker ......... hey it works. it's as if i'm actually using microsoft word. writely.com definitely provides a better editor than the blogspot default editor. i think i'm going to like writely.com .

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rob said...

Hey Roehl, I temporarily removed the pic as it makes it a bit harder to browse to dangerousreviewers in an 'office' environment, hehehe.

Writely seems to work posting to the blog, it just doesn't resize the image as well as blogger's default editor. Probably more experimentation is needed. But Writely is becoming one of my favorite tools.