Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

having read the book and therefore knowing the story beforehand, the movie did not present any surprising twists and turns for me, and i don’t mean that in a bad way. on the other hand, having read the book more than 3 years ago, i was challenged to make a game of guessing which characters, parts or scenes i still remember.

i don’t recall the actress that played ginny weasley in previous harry potter movies, but if she’s the same girl, then i’d say she has grown up to be a very pretty girl. to me, maggie smith, who plays professor minerva mcgonagall, is the standard of what an old, grandmotherly beautiful woman should be. a standard in which all old women, plastic surgery and all, should be measured upon. emma watson, who plays hermione granger, was stunning in her ball gown.

notice i’m reviewing the movie based on all the pretty girls i saw. but that’s probably because i already know the story having read the book. or maybe it was because i was watching the movie alone and had no date, and i was probably fantasizing about what it would feel like to go on a date with any of those pretty british actresses.

so that’s what the entire movie was all about for me. it was about spotting all the pretty women in all of their many different pretty dresses. it was about which camera angles best enhanced the features of each girl. it was about trying to commit to memory the faces of the young girls so i can have a comparison in the future for they would probably be reprising their roles in succeeding harry potter installments.

i could also have talked about all the pretty boys but you might think i’m gay. especially those people who know my age and are well aware of the fact that i’m single and never had a girlfriend my entire life. not that there is anything wrong with being gay. them being so open-minded and fun and entertaining to be with. it’s just that i don’t want to falsely project an image (whether deliberately or otherwise) that is not me.

in closing, may i say that the movie is worth your precious time and hard earned cash. if you haven’t read any of j.k. rowling’s harry potter books, the movie might even encourage you to pick up one of her books and who knows, you might even start your own harry potter collection. box sets of the series are usually available in discounts at bookstores. more importantly, investing in your mind through reading quality literature may just give you the happy life so many people crave for. and as you broaden your mind and recognize what quality writing is all about, you’ll most likely stop reading all the crap i put in my blog.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
lots of pretty women with sexy british accents.


cris said...

My advice to harry potter fans who've read the book but have not yet seen the movie is to NOT re-read the book prior to watching the movie. What you should do is try to recall the most important events of the book and expect only those!

If you however re-read the book a day or two prior to viewing the movie, you'd be inclined to expect every single event and every single detail that was in the book to also be in the movie. That's impossible because movies can only be compressed to a max of 3 hours --- in the case of HPGOF, 2 hours and give or take 45 minutes.

For the entire book to be captured in a movie will take 10 hours and who'd want to sit through 10 hours of one movie let alone invest on the production of one?

Overall, the movie was not disappointing. It captured only the MOST important events from the book and left out everything else! Cuaron is definitely a MUCH better director/script writer than Chris Columbus ever was. I wish the first two movies (which were directed by Columbus) can be remade by Cuaron.

But it wasn't a perfect movie, There are several mishaps too--several scenes that were unnecessary and disrupted the continuity of the story and a good example is the scene where Finch was seen running down the great hall to whisper something to Dumbledore, that was totally irrelevant because whatever it was he whispered didn't play any role at all in the movie. I could go on but I'll save my energy.

roehl said...

"....I could go on but I'll save my energy."

no cris! go on! i know havent met you yet but i feel you have lots of energy to share. :=)

rob said...

At this point, Hermione is just underage jail-bait :) Could be the next big thing in Hollywood.

roehl said...

i'd be willing to go to death row just to spend a night with hermione. :=)

rmacapobre said...

i like it when the characters speak french