Tuesday, November 22, 2005


this is a movie i would not ordinarily watch if it were not mentioned by a special friend. now don’t get me wrong, i’m a big fan of jodie foster ever since her “the accused” days. but having seen nothing noteworthy with the preview/trailer of flightplan, i had decided i would skip it. however, the interest shown by the aforementioned special friend (whose name i will not divulge for personal reasons) roused my curiosity.

in simple terms, the movie tells about what a person would do in order to get back a loved one, or as in the case of the movie, to what extreme a mother would go to in finding her lost daughter.

my friend robbie believes in the philosophy that if a desired event or a deeply yearned thing takes too much hassle to do or possess, or it involves too much trouble, then it’s not worth doing. UNLESS it’s very, very important. this coming from a guy who traveled halfway ‘round the world to stop the wedding of his girlfriend. classic stuff. i never thought the guy had it in him to grab fate by the horns.

but going back to the film, jodie foster’s character was willing to do anything just to be with her daughter who was “kidnapped” during the flight of their plane. kidnap is in quotation marks because no one believed or remembered that she brought a daughter on board. her sanity was questioned. that she was taking medication (she was still dealing with the recent death of her husband) was brought into light. just about everything that had no relation to the kidnapping of her daughter was brought into attention. no one wanted to listen to what she was saying: “i’m trying to find my lost daughter”.

the movie poses some questions for us. would we be willing to do a jodie foster for a loved one or a friend? would we be willing to move heaven and earth to ensure the safety and happiness of someone we feel deeply about? is there a limit or a cutoff to the amount of help we give to a person we care about? cause in the final analysis, this is the ultimate test of the degree of love we have for another human being.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *

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rmacapobre said...

jodie foster? i am soo getting a copy of this movie (pirated bien sur)