Friday, November 04, 2005

Dream Girl

top 10 qualities i look for in a girl. actually, i’m just describing a girl i currently feel attracted to.

1. PRETTY FACE – the first thing i notice about a girl is her face. if i get attracted to a girl, it’s because, first and foremost, of her face. i am shallow in this way.

2. POSSESSES A VERY SLIM BODY – i’m a sucker for slim girls. it’s another requirement for me to be deeply attracted.

3. LIBERAL – very open-minded so we can talk about things we don’t even agree on

4. HARD-WORKING – which will balance out my tendency to be lazy or it might influence and inspire me to work harder.

5. DOWN-TO-EARTH – which complements my being a dreamer.

6. UNPRETENTIOUS – pretense kills spontaneity.

7. TALKATIVE – again this serves as a balancer as i’m usually quiet.

8. STREET-SMART – intelligence is always a turn-on but street-smarts seem to be more profitable nowadays.

9. BRAVE – not necessarily fearless, but rather not a slave of fear.

10.INDEPENDENT – she is complete by herself.

1 comment:

rob said...

Roehl, good list, that must be a fantastic woman, the one you're describing.

I'm partial to large breasts myself. Not too big of course, just big enough, and firm. +1 bonus modifier if either blonde/japanese/with pony tail/or has aussie accent.