Tuesday, August 16, 2005

SBC Javanilla Shake

the sbc (seatlle’s best coffee) javanilla shake is the best coffee i’ve ever tasted. perfect for dessert after eating dinner at your favorite restaurant. granted, this coffee can only be served cold. but i think hot coffee is overrated anyway.

some might argue that the sbc javanilla shake is not technically coffee. that it’s mainly vanilla and ice cream topped with whipped cream. but my inside sources (seattle’s best staff) say the shake is coffee-based. so you can call it what you want, to me it’s still coffee. guaranteed to give you that extra oomph if you’re feeling drowsy.

i’ve tried cappuccino and latte from starbucks, cappuccino from figaro’s, and brewed coffee (flavor varies from day to day) whether decaffeinated or not from both starbucks and seatlle’s best but nothing comes close to the delicate taste and texture of the sbc javanilla shake.

here in the philippines, this coffee shake is made with arce ice cream. which makes me wonder what brand of ice cream they use in other countries.

if you haven’t tasted the sbc javanilla shake yet, you owe it to yourself to try one.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
just doesn’t get any better than this.


rob said...

Roehl, sounds good, ahhhh I can imagine it already, a cold shake, hot conversation, Henry having to go home early, Crab preventing him from leaving, hehehe.

I am more of a 'coffee of the day' guy, with the optional waffle.

Cris said...

I've never liked SBC or Starbucks. In the Philippines, I've always liked Figaro coffee best even when I didn't know they were 100% Filipino-owned and that they brew 99% Filipino coffee beans. When I found that out, I became and even bigger fan of Figaro.

Out here in Seattle, Tully's or Cafe Appassionato are my preferences. But there are way too few Tully's around and there is only one Appassionato. I settle for starbucks only when I'm too lazy to drive far for a good cup of coffee. For Starbucks, my choice would be a tripple soy caramel macchiato (iced on a very warm day).

I only tried SBC ones, didn'nt quite like it & have only tried it again 2x in the last 4 years.

rob said...

Another good place to hang out is Burger King greenbelt branch because they have unlimited drink refills there. My personal record is 8 refills before they kicked us out.

Figaro - one suggestion is to make it no smoking to attract more customers. Maybe tweak the place a bit to make it less intimidating to outsiders. Any McCafe/Dunkin Donut fans?