Friday, July 15, 2005

The Fantastic 4

what’s good about this movie: great character development! each major role was distinct: the shy, nerdish and a bit clueless mr. fantastic; the femininely strong invisible girl; the fearless, flamboyant and playboy human torch; the practicality of the thing; and the perfect nemesis in the arrogant and obnoxious dr. doom.

what’s bad about this movie: after the fantastic 4’s transformation during their aborted space travel, almost the entire movie is spent in trying to transform the fantastic 4 back to their normal human selves as opposed to fighting crime and defeating bad guys.

the fantastic 4 are well known heroes in the comic world. but in this movie, they just seem to be selfish people who don’t think about the opportunity to help people that is given to them.

2 of 5 stars * *
not so fantastic.


rob said...

I had the same observation, but I wanted a comic book enthusiast (such as yourself) to post his thoughts first. I was thinking a Marvel Comics fan might appreciate this more.

The movie was kind of bland, more everyday superhero would have been nice. I would have given this a slightly higher rating due to the presence of Jessica Alba who singlehandedly saved this from being too boring. She has a nice body and face.

roehl said...

have you seen jessica alba dance in the movie "honey"? that movie changed the way i looked at her.

Cris said...

the movie wasn't so fantastic! i got bored waiting for something to "actually" happen.

rmacapobre said...

jessica alba .. we have a crew member at the USS Kusug (a transferee from USS Makiling) who looks like her. shes no doubt pretty but i think as all pretty people go. theyre arrogant and self absorbed ..

hahaha i have issues .. hahaha

rob said...

I haven't seen 'Honey' yet. What I'll do is watch Sin City first because Alba also has a dance/striptease scene there.

Max, does the starship USS Kusog need a new ensign? Maybe I can apply, I would like to see this Jessica Alba character, hehehe.

Cris said...

I used to watch Dark Angel and Jessica Alba's character, Max is still one of my favorite genetically engineered superhero character on TV thus far. It's set in Seattle by the way and each episode always ended with Max standing or sitting on top of the space needle pondering about life, etc. Cool cool show. Too bad the show got cancelled after the second season.

rmacapobre said...

I would like to see this Jessica Alba character, hehehe.

[max] ill upload a picture tomorrow ..

rob said...

My mother and brother watched Dark Angel while it was showing. Unfortunately I never saw it. I think she also appeared in the remake of Flipper, as well as guest starring in The New Love Boat. Good-looking woman.

cris said...

oh wow, i just search amazon and Dark Angel the complete first and second seasons are now available on DVD! cool! must have DVDs. pero pag iipunan ko muna.