Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sin City

cast: bruce willis, mickey rourke, jessica alba, clive owen, nick stahl, elijah wood, rosario dawson, benicio del toro, jaime king, devon aoki, brittany murphy, michael clarke duncan, carla gugino, josh hartnett, marley shelton, michael madsen

directed by: frank miller, robert rodriguez, quentin tarantino

(don’t let the powerhouse cast fool you as a number of the actors only had cameo appearances. even frank miller himself supposedly had a cameo according to the credits.)

a simple rule in life: any work by frank miller should be read, or as in the case of this movie, watched.

i believe it’s only fair that frank miller gets a hand in directing the movie even if he hasn’t directed before, because i don’t think no one is better qualified to bring to life the characters he created from the comic book of which this movie was based on.

the movie revolves around 3 stories that are interrelated as they all happen in sin city (short for basin city). even with minimal colors used (you can mistake the movie as black and white, just like in the comic book), the audience is still not shielded from the violence and gore of the movie.

if you have the impression that comic books are only for kids, then this movie will change your perception. the film tackles issues like prostitution, politics, corruption and of course, love. if anything, you can say that this movie – and the “sin city” comic book for that matter – is not meant for children.

and now that i think about it, what with comic books becoming more and more expensive especially in 3rd world countries like ours, only adults with steady jobs can afford to have a comic book collection. also, since adults are the ones who have been reading comics for a longer time, they are the ones who are more knowledgeable in this field.

i hope this movie can encourage people, not just kids but adults (male and female) as well to read comic books as you can learn a lot from them.

you can learn that when a son has a father for a senator, he gets the feeling that he is above the law and consequently decides that it is within his right to molest, rape and kill any girl he wants. you can learn that prostitutes are just like everybody else: they have the capacity to give as well as receive love. you can learn what a man will go through just to express his thanks to a woman he barely knows. you are left to figure out if this man’s motive is love when he was merely given sexual gratification by a woman for just one night, something he has never received from anyone before due to his ugly, disfigured face.

comic book die-hards will enjoy this movie as it stays true to the original “sin city” story line.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
3 stars for 3 good stories


rob said...

This was my 'must-watch' movie that I had failed to watch. I will get the DVD instead.

rmacapobre said...

i liked it .. it had personality. from the characters, the story, the backdrop, the whole movie.

rmacapobre said...

there was one thing that bothered me a bit. what was the farmboy? an undead or just crazy.