Thursday, June 09, 2005

Session Road - Suntok Sa Buwan

hannah romawac – vocals, rhythm guitar
coy placido – guitars
richard carandang – bass
j.v romawac – percussions, backing vocals
chavi romawac – drums

additional musicians:
bobby velasco – keyboards for “as we kiss” & “high”
theodore amper – cello for “cold”

the cd being relatively new, all the songs have a certain freshness to them. as of the moment, i am only familiar with 3 of session road’s songs – songs that have received airplay on philippine radio: “suntok sa buwan”, “leaving you” and “cool off”.

“suntok sa buwan” (which roughly translates to punching the moon) as the title implies is rather meaningless -- at least to me. how can you ever attempt to punch the moon? in the same way, how can i attempt to explain this song? either it’s meaningless or it’s too deep or too far …… just like punching the moon.

“leaving you” is more understandable. it talks about letting go of a patient love that is going nowhere: “i’m tired of waiting here for you / can’t waste my time i’m leaving you

“cool off” basically adheres to the concept “if you love somebody, set them free, if they come back, then it was meant to be”: “ayoko na munang makita ka / ayoko na munang makasama ka / gusto ko sanang mapag-isa / …… kailangan lang natin ng pahinga / palayain ang isa’t-isa / kung tayo, tayo talaga".

“as we kiss” gives you santana-like guitars while “high” gives you some “b.b.-king-like” blues feel.

the cd has a total of 13 songs including outstanding and earth-shattering acoustic versions of “leaving you” and “suntok sa buwan”. i swear to god if these 2 acoustic versions wouldn't want to make you sing, you must be numb to the bone.

maybe i should have listened more to this cd (to gain more insights) before reviewing it, but i felt it my responsibility to inform the public as soon as possible about this new great band. if there’s one thing i’m very proud about our filipino heritage, it’s the emergence as well as the versatility of filipino alternative bands.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
mabuhay ang pilipinas! (long live the philippines!)


rob said...

'suntok sa buwan' would translate more appropriately to "longshot". Could be an interesting song. If this album shows promise, it could lead eventually to a renaissance of the good old times when good original music ruled the airwaves.

Cris said...

hey! I've had this album for ages now --- actually since it's first release late last year. but session road is not exactly a new band. they've released a self-titled album several years before. i have that album but i haven't listened to it in a very very very long time. i can't even remember the tile. that first album was good but not that great. i found hanna's voice a bit average and the entire music a little mediocre. in other words, even though i was a big fan of the band back then I wasn't a big fan of the album that they released.

this new album, however, is a big hands down to session road. great job! i truly liked it.

Cris said...

and by the way, Rob you're right, the song "Suntok sa Bwan" means "Longshot" and the song has the same meaning. the writer was aiming for something he might never be able to get/achieve and it frustrates him. I'll bring the CD in tomorrow and share an mp3 with you.

roehl said...

as usual, my words prove to be my undoing. i am made an idiot once again as i am forced to eat my words.

thanks for the correction, cris.

hey, maybe you can review for us session road's real, first (underground?) cd.

rob, you might want to give cris an invitation to be part of our community blog.

rmacapobre said...

if its a phase i hope it lasts. i have noticed pinoy music bands are alive. and some of the bands arent from manila. some even are cebuanos. and one tv show dubbed it .. a cebuano invasion. lol ..

Cris said...

actually OPM music has flourished over the last decade. it's improved a great deal and it continues to do so. sayang lang we're not hearing as many good original music as there are out there currently playing underground. This piracy problem is keeping record labels from investing on newer, unknown, and unconnected bands. Sayang na sayang talaga. When I was living in Manila I must have watched and listened to an abundance of truly great original music from numerous underground OPM bands that couldn't get a good record deal. What a waste of great talent.

rob said...

She does have some good music reviews on her blog, check it out when you have time. Although she has 'retired' from updating it in the meantime.

Cris said...

I've written some music recommendations on my blog but they're not really music reviews. If you're interested in my music reviews you can find them published here: The ones I wrote are for MYMP, Bamboo, Heart Evangelista among others. Which reminds me, I have one pending for Rivermaya that I haven't finished yet.

Anonymous said...

suntok sa buwan is a very meaningful song...i would like to refer it as an expression of suppressed emotions by a girl, since she dont have the courage to express her feeling to her friend/colleague. however, along the way this friend of hers avoided her inspite of their close, she is puzzled by the actions of that person...