Saturday, May 21, 2005

Vanilla Sky

cast: tom cruise, penelope cruz, cameron diaz, kurt russell, jason lee, tilda swinton
director: cameron crowe

wow! amazing film! absolutely hot! definitely a “guy flick”!

are you the guy who goes for the typical sexy blonde? feast your eyes on the delicious cameron diaz. if you prefer latinas, you have a pretty petite penelope cruz, accent and all. maybe you have a thing for older women. then look no further as a superbly attractive tilda swinton will surely get your blood flowing. or maybe you’re gay, but that’s even better cause the star of the show – and therefore the person who has the most camera time – is the (arguably) sexiest actor in hollywood, tom cruise.

but wait. maybe you’re not the shallow type and good-looks are meaningless unless there’s a good story behind the film. well you won’t be disappointed either as this tale packs a wallop!

tom cruise plays david aames, the owner of a publishing firm, a position he inherited from his now deceased father. he falls for sofia (penelope cruz) when he knows that his current girlfriend, julianna (cameron diaz) is the clingy and possessive type. things go for the worse when julianna falsely learns that david is referring to her as a “fuck buddy” behind her back. in a fit of rage, julianna steers her car at full speed, with david riding shotgun, off a bridge. julianna dies (or does she?) while david survives with a broken arm and a horribly disfigured face. so battered was his face he makes stephen king look handsome.

from then on, the movie becomes even more engrossing as the audience is taunted about the reality of events. one begins to wonder which incidents actually occurred and which belonged only to david’s dreams.

without showing too many of the secrets of the movie, let me say that the film talks, among other things, about the power of the subconscious. that no matter how stubbornly we suppress our real thoughts, the subconscious will always rear its ugly head and show us what’s true.

since the movie deals about the subconscious, it is not surprising that the film also implies the value and significance of good psychotherapy. for without therapy, how can we be in touch with our true feelings when our natural tendency is to deny whatever makes us feel uncomfortable? we bury our shameful past. we bury the physical or sexual abuse we experienced or are still experiencing as children or wives. we are ashamed of a child who has committed a crime, or maybe a child who is retarded, or maybe a mongoloid. (why is the special olympics only held at the u.s. of a? we have “gifted children” all over the world!) we hide our baldness behind wigs and toupees. we love to put up a front that we are strong. for in not doing so, we fear people will take advantage of us. but should we not put instead a front of weakness so we will know who will not take advantage and therefore know who our true friends are? or are we too scared to learn that we have no true friends? that our friendships are based on money, social standing, fame and other superficial matters?

in the end of the movie, david is faced with the dilemma of choosing between two lives: a life that is harsh but real or a life that is good but only exists in one’s mind. and he seems to be in the right position to make that choice for he has experienced both worlds.

in a way, the film (to paraphrase a quotation from it) “opens our eyes” to the intricacies of fact and fiction, and furthermore, challenges us to think and weigh both options carefully. i’ve always thought this was an easy decision. but after realizing that a close and intellectual friend of mine would go for morpheus’ (from “the matrix” trilogy) “blue pill”, i’m not so sure anymore.

what i don’t get from the film is why would tom cruise’s character fall head over heels in love with penelope cruz’s character when he already had as a girlfriend the character being played by cameron diaz, and cameron is obviously and without a doubt, hotter than penelope. maybe they should have reversed cameron and penelope’s roles to make the story even more believable.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
a pleasure for both the shallow eyes and the deep mind.


rob said...

I hope they make more movies like this. I still don't fully understand it up to now, I need a second viewing.

Still hung up on the blue pill eh? One day I will explain it to you.

roehl said...

"Still hung up on the blue pill eh? One day I will explain it to you."

... i can't wait ... it'll probably be a discussion that will last up to 3am at a revered coffee shop in makati.

and if max is really back, then maybe this is the right time to have your vacation. hector too for that matter. and you'll finally get to see the mechanics of the meeting. i'll even bring jonathan jimenez along.:=)

Sera Strawbridge said...

That movie was mad crazy. I loved it.

rmacapobre said...

tilda swinton is hot.