Sunday, May 29, 2005

Mojofly - A Million Stories

“a million stories” is mojofly’s second album, released in 2002. during this band’s incarnation (they seem to have a different set of members for each album with only bassist ricci gurango being the constant member from albums 1-4), they have 3 of the founding members: lead vocalist and guitarist kitchie nadal, drummer jun-jun regalado, and the aforementioned ricci.

it was actually through lougee basabas (the current mojofly vocalist and the inspiration for my poem “supergirl”) that i got to hear a number of the songs from this cd as she performed them (together with the band, of course) at unplugged, malate and a couple of bars in makati – places i would never have dreamed of going to if not for the band.

i could not help but compare the vocal prowess of both front-women and i found that lougee’s is more raw (not necessarily a bad thing) and is best suited for live performances while kitchie’s more polished (but not necessarily clinical) singing is best for the recording studio. that’s probably why kitchie nadal (as a solo artist) has a contract with a recording company while lougee’s mojofly has to independently produce and sell their albums.

but going back to the cd, i found the songs very radio-friendly. so why in the world did i not hear a single song played on the radio? i guess it’s true what they say: life’s not fair. those who deserve recognition don’t get it, while those who don’t deserve it get it. a very cruel world we live in.

it’s uncanny how ricci can write from a girl’s point of view. take for example the song “something worthwhile” which talks about a girl trying to express her feelings for a crush but can never fully say it cause she’s only a girl: “but i know you could never tell / i gave you signs and grins for awhile / sorry that’s the best i could do”.

“confession” goes even further as the girl is now confronted with the fear of rejection if she says what she feels for the person she loves: “what should i do / what should i say / what if he doesn’t feel the same / what should i do / what if i fail”.

“alright without u” is another very feminine themed loved song you begin to think if ricci is really gay: “i remember the day i gave you a place deep in my heart / i never thought i’d be such a fool and fall for you / the way you treat me like a star / the way you tease me with your fingers / all your crazy styles / they make me smile”. i mean guys couldn’t sing this to girls, can they? the song even has a girl’s penchant for being a martyr: “i’ll be alright without you / i’ll be alright / and if you say you’re sorry i might not know what to say”. however, it would be good if men could say this (and really mean it) to women.

more female stuff from ricci on the upbeat and groovy “pop friction strange”: “i beg for you but i get ignored / you turn your back when you’re done with me”.

“scooter boy” is a personal favorite as it is a rebellious non-love song. ricci wrote the lyrics of the song together with kitchie and philippine daily inquirer columnist, maui reyes. i love the last stanza: “bawat klase niya ay tinutulugan / pumapasok lang hanggat umabot sa attendance / matinik sa chicks / sobrang pilyo pero bobo / pagdating sa kalokohan siya’y number 1 / di paiiwan / scooter boy, nasaan ka?

i don’t how ricci does it but he just keeps on writing female themed love songs as in the next song, “say it”. i swear to god i’m gonna ask lougee or their manager, karen araneta the next time i meet them if ricci really is gay. not that there is anything wrong with being gay. it’s that he just strikes me as a straight guy and therefore would mean that he’s still in the closet when “open-source” is the now and the future of living. “say it” starts innocently enough with “i never wanted nobody / cause all i want is you”. but then ricci continues “when the promises you made you broke just yesterday / i still love you / say what you want / say what you need / say anything, everything / even if it’s something i don’t wanna hear / even if it’s something i don’t wanna do / for you i will”. i mean these words can only be considered masculine during shakespeare’s time. even i don’t write about this stuff and i am already a self-professed feminist. so either ricci is gay or he really has the power of an empath and is putting it to good use as “his” voice is female.

the song “with u” at least can be sung by either sex: “you reject me i won’t make it / my heart will break in two / i will choke thru deep depression / if i wake up and you’re not there / cause nothing beats the sensation of being and dreaming with u”.

“userfriendlysexystar” speaks for itself with lines like “it’s ok if you ask her to be your girlfriend / give her time and your money …… / she’ll treat you nice every night ……. / she feels no shame …… / cause being seen with you is her claim to fame".

“hello” is nice in that it talks about 2 lovers who broke up but still remain very good friends – no bitterness whatsoever: “i thank you for the good times / for me they’ll last forever / the ones that made me laugh and cry and walk on water / thank you for all the wisdom / the truth about daisies / words that made me strong and smart”.

in “2tonelady”, songwriter extraordinaire ricci gets his chance at the mic, something he often does on the band’s live performances, and all i could say is, he should stick with songwriting!

i’m currently looking for kitchie nadal as she’s the only one who hasn’t autographed my cd copy.

for sure, the cd offers something for everybody.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
the cd makes you proud to be filipino!

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